Check out some of our more frequently asked questions. If you’re still unsure, feel free to get in touch!

Where is the wine from?

All our wines are made in South Australia. Tried, tested and tried again just to be sure – they’re truly delicious wines!

Do you offer other types of wine?

Yes! We have recently expanded our range to include two of the most requested varieties – red & rosé! Get in touch to order yours today.

Can I buy the label to put on my own drinks?

No. We are proud of our wine and have gone to great lengths to choose them. Our labels are designed especially for our bottles and the wine inside them.

How many bottles can I buy?

Standard bottles (750ml) are sold individually. Piccolo bottles (200ml) are sold in packs of 3.

Due to liquor licensing, there is a limit of 5 litres of wine per person, per transaction, per day. This applies to both piccolo and standard sizes. This equates to 6 standard bottles, 24 piccolo bottles or a combination of the two up to 5 litres.

How many different label options are there?

We have two different label designs for our sparkling wine: Pink on pink and Half/Half.

One label design for our red and one for our rosé.

From here we have 10 ready-to-go messages OR you can customise your very own message on any of the bottles.

How many different messages can I have?

You’re welcome to choose or design as many options as you have bottles. You may choose to have all bottles with the same message, or a different message for every bottle.

Do you deliver interstate?

While we are a Melbourne based business, we have had a lot of interstate interest. We are happy to provide a quote and time estimate for interstate deliveries. Get in touch to chat details!